1How do I bid for my desired artwork(s)?

Please read our How to Bid for instructions on how to bid for your desired artworks.

2Can I bid for more than one piece of artwork?

Yes! You may bid for more than one piece of artwork! These works are done by our children and go to a good cause so we encourage you to show your support as best as you can!

3How do I know if my bid is successful?

If your bid is successful, you will receive a confirmation email. In the email, there will be instructions on how to donate the successful bid amount, the collection of artwork and when you may come down to make the donation.

4What if there is a tie? How do you determine the winner?

There is a minimum increment of $1 per bid so there will not be any cases of a tied bid.

5Can I delete the comments written for the artwork?

No, you will not be able to delete the comments written for the artwork. However, we will be monitoring the comments to ensure that cases of inappropriate comments are minimized.

6Can I ‘like’ an artwork more than once?

The ‘Likes’ function is a way that we wish to use to encourage the students. However, you are only able to like an artwork once per registered Facebook account.

7Can I donate my artwork to the artist himself/herself?

Yes. You may discuss with the artist himself/herself if they are willing to take the artwork home.

8Can I donate my artwork to Children's Cancer Foundation?

Unfortunately, the Children’s Cancer Foundation is not accepting artworks. You may want to consider donating the artwork to the artist himself/herself instead.

9How do I collect my artwork?

You will need to collect the artwork from the school General Office. There is the option of donating the successful bid amount and collecting the artwork(s) on the same day. We do not deliver artworks.

10Can I send someone on my behalf to collect the artwork?

Yes. You will need to produce the email sent for verification purposes along with a letter authorizing the person to donate the successful bid amount and collect the artwork.

11Where does the money paid for the artwork(s) go to?

100% of the gross proceeds from the art auction will be donated to Children’s Cancer Foundation.